Jamie Whitmore is from Sacramento, California, where she grew up as a competitive and accomplished swimmer. She then turned to running in High School, which earned her a scholarship to California State University, Northridge. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, she decided to use her athletic gifts in the sport of Triathlon. Mountain Biking wasn’t far behind. At the end of 2001, she turned pro in both Mountain Biking and Triathlon. She then found her true love in XTERRA (off-road triathlons.) For nearly 7 years, Jamie dominated the XTERRA scene, both in the United States and overseas. She racked up 37 Championship wins (more than any other female or male at that time), 6 U.S. Championship Titles and 1 World Title.

In 2008, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, which was wrapped around her sciatic nerve, Jamie lost the use of most of her left leg with a condition called “drop foot.” She also lost the use of her hamstring and glute muscle. Three years after her diagnosis, she was cancer free and the mother of twin 1-year-old boys, Christian and Ryder. She was told she’d never run or ride a bike. But the inner competitor in her wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. She returned to competition as a paracyclist. In just 2 years post cancer, she accumulated 9 World Titles (on the road and on in track) and set 2 world records in the 500TT and the 3K pursuit. Because of her results, in 2014, Jamie was nominated for and won ESPN’s ESPY Award for “Best Female Athlete With a Disability.”

Jamie recently competed at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and brought home Silver in the 3K pursuit and a the Gold Medal in the road race. Aside from being a mother of two, life partner and a paracyclist, she runs her own endurance and performance coaching business, helping others to reach their goals. You can hear Jamie sharing her story of faith and perseverance around the world as a motivational speaker.


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Imagine waking up to find yourself partially paralyzed.

Now imagine your entire life previously revolved around your ability to move as a professional athlete.

That’s the reality Sacramento native Jamie Whitmore found herself facing in 2008, after a surgery to remove a tumor the size of a grapefruit from her body…



This Woman Beat Cancer To Become A Paralympic Athlete

When she was 31 years old, Whitmore was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She underwent surgery, which left her without the use of most of her left leg, hamstring and glute muscle.

In a video for BuzzFeed, Whitmore talked about her difficult road to recovery.


Inspiring Advice: How Paralympian Jamie Whitmore Beat the Odds

By the age of 31, Jamie Whitmore was the most decorated off-road triathlete of all time. That all changed within months when Jamie was stricken with cancer and told she would never be able to race again.




imageElk Grove’s Jamie Whitmore, cancer survivor and champion paracylist