How You Can Help

Friends of Jamie & Courtney,

Remember in the old days when communities would rally around their neighbors who fell on hard times?  Well, you all know Jamie and Courtney.  You know that their life has become consumed by Jamie’s battle with a pelvic tumor.  This is a scary time for them, and it involves a lot of financial challenges.  So, I have a suggestion.  Let’s try to recapture some of that old fashioned sense of community and rally around Jamie and Courtney.  Here are some ideas for how we can all help:

  • Buy a gift card
    • Gas Cards (we all know how expensive it is buy gas these days and Courtney is now making frequent trips to and from Sacramento where he works during the week to San Francisco to see Jamie in the hospital)
    • Grocery Cards
    • Mastercard, American Express or Visa cards are also great as they can be used on any number of items to help them out during this difficult time
  • Send money via Paypal to help Jamie and Courtney cover all the huge, unexpected medical and extra living expenses they have suddenly been hit with. If you don't have a Paypal account yet, it's very easy to open one here and then just send what you can. Jamie's Paypal address is
  • Send a card or an email to let Jamie know you’re thinking about her
  • Run an errand for them
  • Send some current magazines and books. Jamie likes to read about kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and storage solutions, so books and magazines like Simple, Remodeling and others like that would be great.

You get the idea.  We all want to help where we can and we know we can’t be of very much help in the big picture.  However, we can pitch in to take away some of their stress regarding day-to-day expenses.

Feel free to call me at (530) 220-2522 or call Cliff Millemann at (530) 220-0344 if you have specific questions on how you can help.

I know how appreciative Jamie and Courtney are of everyone’s support. Thanks for pitching in to make their lives a little easier.

Janet Soule

Please send letters, cards and gift cards to:
Jamie Whitmore
P.O. Box 339
Mount Aukum, CA  95656

If you need to send to a street address, please contact Jamie here to make arrangements.