Public Speaking

Before cancer took her from the sport Jamie Whitmore was the most decorated off-road triathlete of all time. They had removed her left gluteus, leaving her not just without muscle, but without a sciatic nerve and without full facility of her left foot because of a condition called “drop foot” (paralysis or weakness of muscles that raise the foot at the ankle, often due to nerve and muscle damage). After several mis-diagnosis, disabling surgeries and the birth of her twin boys, Jamie has returned to competition as a challenged athlete.
What Jamie still has, though, is her unshakable faith, her will, her family (including her husband of 12 years, Courtney) — and her bike. Since then, she has won C3 para-cycling National titles in both the road race and time trial, finished the Leadville 100mi Mountain Bike Race in under 12 hours and has won several full XTERRA off-road triathlons in the Challenged Athlete division.

For booking and inquiries, please contact Jamie at (916) 343-6216