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Before cancer took her from the sport Jamie Whitmore was the most decorated off-road triathlete of all time. They removed her left gluteus, leaving her not just without muscle, but without a sciatic nerve and without full facility of her left foot because of a condition called “drop foot” (paralysis or weakness of muscles that raise the foot at the ankle, often due to nerve and muscle damage). After several mis-diagnosis, disabling surgeries and the birth of her twin boys, Jamie has returned to competition as a challenged athlete reviews look.


What Jamie still has, though, is her unshakable faith, her will, her family and her bike. Since then, she has won a Gold and Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Paralympics along with several World Titles on the road and on the track. She loves sharing her journey around the world with others about adversity, team work, courage and being Powered By God!


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